Raleigh Chiropractor Provides Holiday Wrapping Tips


We are now racing toward the Holidays and the New Year!  Black Friday shopping is over, Cyber Monday has come and gone, and now the packages and presents are starting to arrive from Amazon.  These presents will need to be wrapped!  Be careful, this is the time of year I see a lot of wrapping injuries.

Here is what happens, you have all these presents to wrap so you sit on the floor, wrapping paper, scissors and tape in hand, either on your knees or with your legs spread out and you attempt to get them all done in one “sitting”.  After the first few presents get done - Bam! Pow! Ouch!! Your lower back goes out!

Poor wrapping posture leads to a lot of unwanted pain during the holidays. There are several tips I have to make your present giving a pain free experience!

Wrapping Tips:

  1.  Never wrap presents on the floor!
  2. Avoid kneeling to wrap as it can cause knee pain and problems with your lower back.
  3. Avoid wrapping presents on your bed.  The bed is often not high enough and will cause you to bend over too much.
  4. Wrap presents at the kitchen table with you in a sitting posture or wrap presents standing using a high counter that you don’t have to bend over.
  5. Limit your wrapping time to 30 minute sessions. The longer you spend in one posture the more likely you will cause a problem.

Hope these tips help you have a great holiday season.

Toys for Tots:
Just a quick reminder we are in the middle of our Toys for Tots drive but time is running out. The Marines need the presents by December 12th in order to get them wrapped and delivered to the various locations. Please consider bringing an unwrapped toy for a young boy or girl. Thank you for your help making the holidays a little brighter for those in need.

Holiday Hours:
We will be closed December 24th - 27th.  We will be open on December the 28th from 9am to 12pm and on December 31st we will only be open from 8am to 12pm.  Normal business hours will resume on January 2nd.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Raleigh chiropractor!

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