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Massage Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Welcome to Ashforth Chiropractic Family Wellness Center!

Massage Therapy in Raleigh

Massage Therapy Raleigh

You do not have to be chiropractic patient to receive massage here! We definitely believe in the benefit of a combined chiropractic and massage therapy approach to your wellness, but if you are simply looking for dependable, therapeutic massage, welcome to our office!

Our therapeutic massage sessions provide all of the general benefits of massage, including relief from muscle spasm and pain, relief from stress, better sleep quality, and enhanced ability to maintain your chiropractic adjustments. Obviously, anyone can better their health through massage, but those are just the basics.

There are extraordinary benefits to receiving massage at our office. At Ashforth Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, we hold ourselves to the highest clinical and quality standards to ensure that you receive the very best. Our therapists oversee all the details of your massage preferences, delivering knowledgeable, consistent service each and every visit. Our massage clients return again and again because of our therapist’s distinctive ability to find just the right amount of pressure for each individual, their exceptional knowledge of the body, and their sincere desire to help.

Unlike some massage venues where you receive an abbreviated amount of time on the massage table, our appointment lengths reflect the amount of actual hands-on time. We serve a multitude of different people including stay-at-home moms, busy corporate executives, weekend warriors, serious athletes, and retirees.

About Our Massage Sessions

Our massage sessions combine elements of Swedish relaxation massage and Myofascial deep tissue massage to provide an integrated experience that addresses problem areas yet leaves you feeling refreshed. The aim of each session is to work through your muscle and connective tissues to increase circulation, relax taut muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and gently remind your body how to work most efficiently.

Each massage session begins with a brief discussion of your current health needs and goals. It concludes with our therapist’s recommendations, including methods for prolonging the effects of your massage that day, stretches and other techniques to practice at home on a regular basis, and how frequently you should receive massage, given your wellness objectives.

  • 30 minutes ($45): A quick pick-me-up! This option provides time for a focused session in one area of the body.
  • 60 minutes ($65): Our most popular session. In one hour of hands-on time, we can accomplish a general, full-body massage or an area-specific, detailed massage.
  • 90 minutes ($90): Our best value. This option allows for thorough attention to chronic issues in multiple areas of the body.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

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